Axcelerate Support

aXcelerate E-Learning, Resources & Administration Support

Dativity is an authorised aXcelerate support partner.  We work closely with the aXcelerate team to assist you across all your learning & assessment resources needs, E-Learning delivery setup and delivery options.  We also offer aXcelerate administration support to help you manage your day-to day administration.  Scroll for details…

axcelerate support

aXcelerate E-Learning Content Transition

The Dativity E-Learning team offers a range of options to help you migrate your learning resources into the aXcelerate Turbo LMS platform. The modules you choose depend on the staff, time, budget and experience you have in your business.  Options include:

How We Work Together

We’ll scope your projects and provide a detailed proposal as each project is unique. To commence your project all courseware and supporting documentation needs to be provided to us. On completion of your transition project, you’ll update the settings in your aXcelerate Turbo account to deliver your learning in line with your schedules. This includes attaching courses to classes and setting the rules for assessments to suit your unique needs. If we have built learning plans, you are required to update all learning plan module settings. We’ll ensure you understand your new aXcelerate E-Learning setup and provide support for learning and assessment resources and learning plans until you have signed off on your project.

aXcelerate Administration Outsourcing

Whether you are finding it challenging to find the right staff or just require flexibility in your business to manage your administration, Dativity offers support packages to help.  Services include both general day-to-day administration and supervisor support covering the following:

Getting Started - Weeks 1-4

We’ll meet to discuss the areas that need support and propose a support plan to suit. Typically the initial 4 week program includes Supervisor support and meeting to ensure we’re meeting expectations and highlighting changes that are needed to get the most from your support.

Ongoing Support - Rolling Support Program

We offer a dedicated general support resource with availability up to 38 hours per week (but typically less). Following the initial 4 week period Supervisor support is not usually required and the general support resource would remain available. The package excludes aXcelerate’s own training as part of your aXcelerate package, as well as direct student communication outside of the aXcelerate internal communications systems.  The program operates on a 4 week rolling schedule with payment required in advance of each period.  We can add ad-hoc Supervisor support when required.